Spot the Error Quiz Solutions

Q1 Correct option is (D).
Replace which with what.

Q2 Correct option is (B).
Replace were with was. When two nouns are joined by along with, verb agrees with the first noun.

Q3 Correct option is (C).
Lay (laid, laid) means to put something in a definite position; to put oneself flat means lie (lay, lain); so lay. Lie (lied, lied) has another meaning which is to speak false.

Q4 Correct option is (B).
In past conditional after if past perfect follows; so had known.

Q5 Correct option is (B).
Subject is material and it has been treated here as uncountable and singular (there is). That’s why, it should be too much. We cannot make material plural putting s because then we will have to change b as there are and then there will be mistakes in both of them.

Q6 Correct option is (C).
Since your cannot be changed as it is not underlined we will have to change one’s to make the pronouns similar; so your.

Q7 Correct option is (C).
Before skills an adjective is required; reason is a noun; so reasoning.

Q8 Correct option is (C).
For a natural action present indefinite is used; so pauses (is rising is o.k. because it denotes a point of time).

Q9 Correct option is (D).
Because the last sentence contains two individual sentences, use a conjunction (either and or while) before fresh water to combine both sentences.

Q10 Correct option is (C).
The object of making is missing which gives a misleading meaning; so it should be making it altogether.