Spotting Error Quiz For Upcoming Exams Solution

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Answers with Explanations

1.    (b) when we have to talk about more than one past activity then ‘had’ is used with the activity which had happened in the far past. In this sentence event in part (c) had occurred before the subject visited the hospital or saw the condition of patients there. Therefore ‘had’ in part (c) is right but ‘had’ is part is wrong .(b)

2.    (c) ‘be’ in place of ‘have’ to get the correct sense.

3.    (d) The sentence is in past tense therefore help (present) in (d) is wrong and hence helped (past) in place of help.

4.    (a) ‘has been’ is place  of ‘was’

5.    (a) the subject here is ‘the team leaders (plural) therefore verb also should be plural. Hence encourage (plural) in place of encourages (singular)

6.    (a) was in place of were, as five member committee is singular

7.    (c) speeches in place of speech

8.    (c) When in place of than. Since hardly and scarcely are followed by when.

9.    (c ) after ‘ior’ ending words like superior, senior, junior, and after prefer ‘to’ is used for comparison  in place of ‘than’

10.     (b) is in place of are because of first subject rule.