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Directions: Some of the sentences are gramatically correct and some are incorrect. Find out which part of the sentence has an error and mark that part. If there is no error, mark that part as your answer.


1. Another baffling change1/ that I notice in him now-a-days2/ is that he avoids to speak to me.3/ No error4

2.He lay the watch on the table1/ and then forgot all about it2/ when he went out.3/ No error4

3.    While it is apparent1/ that biotechnology offers significant benefits2/ adequate attention has not been focussed to this vital area.3/ No error4

4.    There is a need1/ to revising Government policies2/ on controlling unauthorized constructions.3/ No error4

5.    If you had seen1/ yesterday’s cricket I am sure2/ would have enjoyed seeing our team bat.3/ No error/4

6.    When he will come1/ I will2/ make sure3/ I meet him.4/ No error5

7.The traveller being weary1/ he2/ sat by3/ woodside to rest.4/ No error5

8.    He did not1/ and could not have2/ understood3/ the full facts of the case4/. No error5

9.    Neither1/ Rohit nor2/ Kabir have done his3/ lesson.4/ No error5

10.    I am opposed1/ to the plan of action not because2/ it is ill concieved but that3/ it seems impractical4/. No error5

11.    He as well as you1/ is tired of2/ this long3/ and troublesome affair4/. No error5

12.    Along the1/ northern frontier of India2/ is seen3/ the Himalayas mighty in their splendour4/. No error5

13.    The recommendations of the committee1/ that the age should be lowered down2/immediately3/ was not accepted4/. No error5

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