Q1. Whale of a time
(a) To marry
(b) Enjoy a lot
(c) To regret
(d) A bad memory

Q2. An Ananias
(a) A Liar
(b) A man with lots of money
(c) An irritating person
(d) An important person

Q3. Wrap one’s brain around
(a) To not mix with others
(b) To scratch one’s head
(c) Concentrate on something to understand.
(d) To get aggressive

Q4. Bee-line
(a) The shortest distance between two places
(b) To be apart by maximum distance
(c) To fight for one’s rights
(d) To act unfairly in a contest

Q5. To be snowed under
(a) To be in a dilemma
(b) To be very busy
(c) To be under suspicion
(d) To be at a cold place

Q6. Think the world of
(a) To go on a world trip
(b) Admire someone very much
(c) To earn excessively
(d) Not for any reason

Q7. Kitty Corner
(a) Diagonally across
(b) To understand the details
(c) To get confused
(d) To remain joyful in a tough situation

Q8. Lock and key
(a) To lock something
(b) In safe place
(c) To avoid
(d) To apologize

Q9. Pore over
(a) Go through
(b) Reach to the lowest level
(c) To refund old dues
(d) Cheerful

Q10. In awe of 
(a) Have no clear idea
(b) Respect
(c) In a precarious/dangerous position
(d) To take advantage of



1. Ans.(b)

2. Ans.(a)

3. Ans.(c)

4. Ans.(a)

5. Ans.(b)

6. Ans.(b)

7. Ans.(a)

8. Ans.(b)

9. Ans.(a)

10. Ans.(b)



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