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1. Cool his heels
(a) to be kept waiting

(b) to make publicly known

(c) to exercise influence

(d) to lose one’s temper

2. Wet his whistle.
(a) have a nap

(b) be happy

(c) have a problem

(d) have a drink

3. Back to square one.
(a) to return to the starting point

(b) to run to the first square

(c) to start and return

(d) to come to a stop

4. In apple pie order.
(a) orderly preparation of apple pie
(b) in perfect order
(c) ordering for apple pie
(d) arranging apples neatly

5. A closed book
(a) an unopened book

(b) a covered book

(c) a mystery

(d) a special Sunday

6. Let sleeping dogs lie.
(a) Dogs can raise tempers

(b) Do not allow dogs to stand

(c) Prevent dog mobility

(d) Do not bring up an old controversial issue

7. A cakewalk
(a) a difficult achievement

(b) a walkway make with cakes

(c) an easy achievement

(d) walk away with a cake

8. In high dudgeon.
(a) in a state of great resentment
(b) in a state of great depression
(c) in a state of great jubilation
(d) in a state of great anguish

9. By the skin of my teeth.
(a) by a narrow margin

(b) by sheer hard work

(c) by strong will power

(d) by absolute luck

10.Had butterflies in my stomach.
(a) became carefree

(b) became confident

(c) became irritated

(d) became nervous

Answer :-

1. (a)

2. (d)

3. (a)

4. (b)

5. (c)

6. (d)

7. (c)

8. (a)

9. (a)

10. (d)



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