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1. Ramesh takes after his father
(a) follows
(b) imitates
(c) obeys
(d) resembles

2. They made no bones about acknowledging their debt to his genius
(a) did not have any hesitation in
(b) did not have any faith in
(c) demanded compensation for
(d) had problems in

3. During the last moment of his life the criminal made a clean breast of everything he had done
(a) showed his breast
(b) fought like a hero
(c) confessed without reserve
(d) faced bravely

4. She tries very hard to keep up with her rich neighbours
(a) to imitate
(b) to keep in touch
(c) to avoid
(d) to be on par

5. Where he saw the snake he took to his heels
(a) run away in fear
(b) went slowly
(c) walked in fear
(d) jumped fast

6. He has to abide by the hard and fast rules of the company
(a) flexible
(b) strict
(c) difficult
(d) honest

7. She goes to her mother house off and on
(a) frequently
(b) rarely
(c) occasionally

8. The robber murdered the women incold blood for the sake of the jewels
(a) a murder done without feeling
(b) a murder done in revenge
(c) a murder done in great anger
(d) a murder done in enmity

9. Indians are going places in the field of software technology
(a) going abroad
(b) going to spaces
(c) talented and successfu
l(d) friendly and amicable

10. A bed of roses
(a) a very soft bed
(b) a dull life
(c) belong to
(d) full of joy

Answer :-
1. (d)
2. (a)
3. (c)
4. (b)
5. (a)
6. (b)
7. (c)
8. (a)
9. (c)
10. (d)



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