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1. In the throes of

(a) out of the grip
(b) in the grip of
(c) controlled
(d) understand

2. Under duress

(a) under compulsion
(b) unwillingly
(c) smell something burning
(d) to discourage

3. Smell a rat

(a) to have reasons to suspect
(b) to encourage
(c) smell something burring
(d) to discourage

4. Black and blue

(a) colour
(b) doings
(c) suffering
(d) severely

5. To face the music

(a) to suffer evil consequences
(b) to listen to music
(c) to suffer hardship
(d) to change one way

6. To put two and two together

(a) to add two things
(b) to conclude from obvious facts
(c) to put on a false appearance
(d) to continue

7. To leave no stone unturned

(a) to sweep the room
(b) to divide and rule
(c) to change things
(d) to try utmost

8. To wash dirty lines in public

(a) to talk personal matters in public
(b) to clear one stand
(c) to clean the field
(d) to quarrel openly

9. To read between the lines

(a) to read loudly
(b) to understand the hidden meaning of the word
(c) to do some important work
(d) to escape from reality

10. To flog a dead horse

(a) in a dilemma
(b) useless work
(c) between two seas
(d) in a helpless state

Answer :-
1. (b)
2. (b)
3. (a)
4. (d)
5. (a)
6. (b)
7. (d)
8. (a)
9. (b)
10. (b)



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