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1. Using or expressed in more words than are needed.

(a) verbose

(b) concise

(c) succinct

(d) lengthy

2. A woman whose husband is died and who has not married again

(a) celibate

(b) bachelor

(c) single

(d) widow

3. A man whose wife is died and who has not married again

(a) widower

(b) celibate

(c) widow

(d) married

4. Impossible to understand

(a) comprehensible

(b) unintelligible

(c) exonerate

(d) intelligible

5. Change ordinary metals into gold

(a) alchemy

(b) auctioneer

(c) agent

(d) master



1. (a)

2. (d)

3. (a)

4. (b)

5. (a)



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