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1. An object, building, or work of art from the ancient past

(a) fresher

(b) antiquities

(c) taboo

(d) contemporary

2. Large luxurious car; usually driven by a chauffeur

(a) omnibus

(b) wagon

(c) limousine

(d) tesle

3. A person who searches for and collects discarded items

(a) founder

(b) hunter

(c) poor

(d) scavenger

4. A raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee

(a) commodity

(b) product

(c) goods

(d) seed

5. A performance by two singers, instrumentalists, or dancers

(a) limerick

(b) duet

(c) lecher

(d) ballad

6. Disinfect or purify (an area) with the fumes of certain chemicals

(a) circulate

(b) cleaning

(c) fumigate

(d) rinse

7. A male servant (especially a footman)

(a) obedient

(b) lackey

(c) pupils

(d) champion

8. A great work of art or literature

(a) artist

(b) pliagarism

(c) duet

(d) magnum opus

9. An unvarying or habitual method or procedure

(a) habitual

(b) sty

(c) modus operandi

(d) style

10. A relationship that is purely spiritual and not physical

(a) earthy

(b) platonic

(c) mundane

(d) physical



1. (b)

2. (c)

3. (d)

4. (a)

5. (b)

6. (c)

7. (b)

8. (d)

9. (c)

10. (b)



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