1. A complete victory

(a) stop

(b) end

(c) clean sweep

(d) finish

2. Related to cancer

(a) heart

(b) cardinogenic

(c) lung

(d) carcinogenic

3. A prolonged state of deep unconsciousness, caused especially by severe injury or illness

(a) injury

(b) leprosy

(c) coma

(d) sense

4. A thing to be corrected, typically an error in a printed book.

(a) edited

(b) error

(c) corrigendum

(d) improved

5. Telling future by examining one’s hands

(a) saint

(b) fortuner

(c) predict

(d) palmistry

6. A day on which an important operation is to begin

(a) F-day

(b) C-day

(c) I-day

(d) D-day

7. Hard uninteresting work

(a) drudgery

(b) dimple

(c) facet

(d) dregs

8. A public show of objects

(a) game

(b) show

(c) flashback

(d) exhibition

9. A crime regarded more serious than a misdemeanour.

(a) excise

(b) heinous

(c) felony

(d) wicked

10.A false idea or belief

(a) innovative

(b) fallacy

(c) progressive

(d) delusion



1. (c)

2. (d)

3. (c)

4. (c)

5. (d)

6. (d)

7. (a)

8. (d)

9. (c)

10. (b)



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