SSC CGL General Awareness Strategy

SSC CGL 2016 Tier 1 General Awareness Strategy

SSC General Awareness section is unpredictable. Instead of mind GA is the game of 0 or 1, means if you know the answer you will mark it otherwise you have to leave it. Moreover, weight-age of GA is of 25% i.e. of 50 Marks out of 200 but the syllabus isn’t confined as in other subjects.

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  • No need to put extra effort on this section, there are examples where aspirants studied lots of books for this section and devoted too much time to prepare for GS but in the end their marks in this section wasn’t up to their expectations.
  • For GA you need to prepare the topics having limited matter. Some of the topics –
    • Polity
    • Modern India History
    • India Geography
    • Books & Authors
    • Computers
    • Prizes
    • Important Indian Awards
    • Important Days
  • Try to mug up as much as possible but not at the cost of other subjects. Remember GK is the last preferred subject in my opinion due to less effort to result ratio.
  • Maximum time you need to devote on this section in Exam – 10 Minutes

Recommended Books

Books Available For General Awareness

General awareness (more commonly called as General Knowledge or GK) is not something you can expect to master in a day. But from an exam point of view, if you spend time consistently, you will reach a good level in a month or so.

But it is very important that you base your preparations around a good book. Otherwise, you will be wasting time here and there collecting a list of this, and an article on that.

Time-Saving Tip

Most aspirants are confused when it comes to preparing for the General Awareness section. They spend waste their time either for memorizing stupid lists or for collecting them. So we have put together an exhaustive post to prepare for SSC CGL General Awareness Section.

Among the options available here, nothing comes close to Manorama Yearbook. It is THE best book to prepare for GK section in competitive exams. Check out our detailed review of the book. If you are allergic to Manorama, then you can try Lucent’s GK Book.

Book Flipkart
Manorama Yearbook 2016 (English) Buy
Manorama Yearbook 2016 (Hindi) Buy
Lucent’s General Knowledge (English) Buy
Lucent’s General Knowledge (Hindi) Buy

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before buying GK book, carefully check the year of publication. And I don’t mean the year published in the name! For marketing purpose, publishers sell books with next years name in the current year. For example, a book may have its name as “General Knowledge 2016” even though it was published in 2015! . So look for the actual ‘year of publication’.

Newpapers these days are not worth the paper they are printed on. So even though many people would advise you to read papers (even I have done in my several articles, but I’ll remove those when I get a chance to update those articles), it’s better that you use your time more efficiently elsewhere.

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