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SSC CGL Previous Years GK Question Paper Set – 5 (Solved)  –  4- July – 1999 – Second Sitting


Q1. Which one of the following areas is noted for mangrove vegetation ?
1. Lava forest of Kalimpong.
2. Sajnekhali forest of South 24 Parganas.
3. Dandakaranya forest of Orissa
4. Corbet National Park of U.P.

Q2. The most important uranium mine of India is located at :
1. Manavalakurichi
2. Gauribidanur
3. Vashi
4. Jaduguda

Q3.Which of the following states is called ‘Tiger State’ of India?
1. Himachal Pradesh
2. Gujarat
3. Madhya Pradesh
4. Assam

Q4. Khasi and Garo Tribes mainly live in :
1. Meghalaya
2. Nagaland
3. Mizoram
4. Manipur

Q5. Suez Canal connects
1. Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean
2. Mediterranean Sea and Red Sea
3. Lake Huron and Lake Erie
4. Lake Erie and Lake Ontario

Q6. Antyodaya Programme is associated with :
1. liberation of bonded labour
2. bringing up cultural revolution in India
3. demands of textile labourers
4. upliftment of the poorest of the poor

Q7. Which of the following is not a necessary condition for the development of India ?
1. Capital Accumulation
2. Resource discovery
3. Population growth
4. Technological develop-ment

Q8. The Indian economy can be most appropriately described as a :
1. Capitalist economy
2. Socialist economy
3. Traditional economy
4. Mixed economy

Q9. Which of the following most closely approximates our definition of oligopoly ?
1. The cigarette industry.
2. The barber shops
3. The gasoline stations
4. Wheat farmers

Q10. One of the essential conditions of perfect competition is :
1. product differentiation
2. multiplicity of prices for identical products at any one time.
3. many sellers and a few buyers.
4. Only one price for identical goods at any one time.

Q11. Personal disposable income is :
1. always equal to personal income.
2. always more than personal income.
3. equal to personal income minus direct taxes paid by household.
4. equal to personal income minus indirect taxes.

Q12. Who said ‘Supply creates its own demand’?
1. Adam Smith
2. J.B.Saw
3. Marshall
4. Ricardo

Q13. Indirect tax means :
1. there is not direct relationship between the tax payer and the government.
2. direct relationship between tax payer and the government.
3. tax base is income
4. the incidence and impact are on the same person on whom tax is imposed.

Q14. Agricultural Technology is hard to spread because :
1. it has to be adopted to local conditions.
2. rural people are not receptive
3. farmers are afraid to experiment on land for fear of failure.
4. all of the above.

Q15.A boat will submerge when it displaces water equal to its own:
1. volume
2. weight
3. surface area
4. density


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