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SSC CGL Previous Years GK Question Paper Set – 6 (Solved)  –  4- July – 1999 – Second Sitting

Q1. Dehydration in human body is caused due to the loss of :

  1. vitamins
  2. salts
  3. hormones
  4. water

Q2. Which of the following is the largest living bird ?

  1. Eagle
  2. Peacock
  3. Ostrich
  4. Kiwi

Q3. In the case of test tube babies

  1. egg is fertilized in the uterus.
  2. embryo completes its development in a test tube.
  3. embryo is placed in uterus after 2 months.
  4. egg is fertilized outside mother’s body.

Q4. The age of trees is determined by its :

  1. girth
  2. height
  3. growth rings
  4. general appearance

Q5. Kidney disease in man is caused by the pollutant :

  1. Cadmium
  2. Iron
  3. Cobalt
  4. Carbon

Q6. Fruits of this plant are found underground :

  1. Potato
  2. Carrot
  3. Groundnut
  4. Onion

Q7. A rare and endangered animal in Silent Valley is :

  1. Musk deer
  2. Tiger
  3. Lion-tailed macaque
  4. Rhinosores

Q8. From where was India’s multipurpose telecommunication satellite INSAT-2E launched ?

  1. Baikanour
  2. Thumba
  3. Sriharikota
  4. Kourou

Q9. Girish Karnad is :

  1. A well known playwright and actor.
  2. A recipient of Gnanpith Award
  3. The President of the Film and Television Institute of Indian Society.
  4. All the above.

Q10. The book “The God of small things” is written by :

  1. Pupul Jayakar
  2. Sobha De
  3. Shekhar Kapoor
  4. Arundhati Roy

Q11. ‘Na Khatam Honewali Kahani’ (The never ending story) is an autobiography of :

  1. N. Seshan
  2. Amitabh Bachchan
  3. Sonia Gandhi
  4. P. Singh

Q12. The General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was replaced by:

  1. North American Free Trade Association
  2. South Asian Free Trade
  3. World Trade Orgaisation
  4. None of these

Q13. Nine timeWimbledon Champion of Women’s Singles Match in Tennis is :

  1. Mary Joe Fernandaz
  2. Jana Novotna
  3. Iva Majoli
  4. Martina Navrotilova

Q14. The district Primary Education Programme—a Centrally Sponsored Programme in India is supported by :

  1. International Monetary Fund
  2. World Bank
  4. Japanese Government

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