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The important dates for SSC CGL 2017 are:

  • SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam: 5th Aug to 24th Aug 2017 
  • SSC CGL Tier-2 Exam: 10th-11th November 2017
  • SSC CGL Tier-3 Exam: 21st January 2018
  • Skill Test/Computer Skill Test: February 2018
Section Level Good Attempts
English Language  Moderate – Tough 20 – 22
Quantitative Aptitude Easy 22 – 24
General Intelligence Easy-Moderate 21-23
General Awareness Easy – Moderate 18 – 20
Overall Moderate 71-77

General Intelligence

In SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam 2017 the questions of General Intelligence(Reasoning) were quite easy. Students can have a fair idea of what SSC had been upto in terms of these questions. As per the inputs shared by students, this was the easiest among all the other sections.
Questions from series & missing term were quite difficult. No question asked from counting of figure in this shift.

Some questions from Exam:

  • Office: Colleagues:: Home: ? 
  • If REGRAIN is coded as QDFQZM then PRY will be coded as?
Topic No of Questions Level
Coding-Decoding 2-3 Easy
Calendar (birthday date) 1 Easy-Moderate
Missing Term 2-3 Moderate
Matrix 1 Easy
Direction 1 Moderate
Non-Verbal (Image) 4 Moderate
Odd one out 3-4 Easy-Moderate
cube (open dice) 1 Easy-Moderate
Analogy 1 Easy
Series 1 Moderate
Miscellaneous 5 Easy-Moderate
Total 25 Easy-Moderate


English Language

English Language section again surprised candidates with 5 questions from RC (Reading Comprehension) instead of Cloze Test. 1 question asked from Active/Passive Voice and 1 question from narration. Para Jumble was a new introduction in this year’s exam and it is time-consuming. Questions from Antonyms & Synonyms were quite difficult.


  • To go off the air
  • Make a fuss

Spelling Correction:

  • Possesses
  • Murmuring


  • Piquant
  • Yearn

RC (Reading Comprehension): Endangered species

Topic No of Questions Level
Active/Passive Voice 1 Esy
Narration 1 Easy
Sentence Improvement (Fillers) 3 M
Error Detection 3 E
Idioms/Phrases 2 E
Parajumbles 2 Easy-Moderate
Antonym/ Synonym 4 Difficult
One word substitution 2 Difficult
Spelling check 2 Easy
RC (Reading Comprehension) 5 Easy-Moderate
Total 25 Moderate-Difficult

Quantitative Aptitude

Quant in CGL 2017 exam was of moderate level. In this shift, Questions were asked from Co-ordinate geometry. Quant questions were very calculative. 5 Questions from Pie Chart DI were asked. There were 5 questions of SI & CI and Profit and Loss. Geometry questions are not that easy.Questions from Trigonometry & algebra were of moderate level.

There were 1 DI in the Exam:- Pie Chart (no. Of tigers in six different sanctuaries)

Questions from Exam:

    • If P(8,5) is the mid point of (x, 5) and (2,y) then find the value of y?
    • a³+b³, if a+b=4 and ab=3?
    • tan 45 + 4 sec 60?
  • Find the value of cosθ, if Sinθ = 24/29?
  • Find the third proportion of 10 and 25?
  • What is the reflection of (4, -3) if y=1?
  • Right-angled triangle at B altitude is BD,AD = 3 DC = 9 find AB?

Topic No of Questions Level
CI, Profit/Loss 4-5 Easy
Mensuration 2 Easy
Trigonometry 2-3 Easy
Algebra 2-3 Easy
Time and Work 2 Moderate
Coordinate Geometry / Geometry 4-6 Moderate
Time Speed and Distance 1 Easy-Moderate
Average & Percentage / AP 2 Moderate
DI 5 Easy-Moderate
Total 25 Moderate

General Awareness

In SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam 2017, General Awareness questions were asked from all aspects of GA.In this shift, exam was difficult. Maximum questions were from History (4-5) which are from ancient history, Polity (4-5) and Science (7-8 questions).

Some questions from exams are:-

  • One question from Arthopoda.
  • Eye makes shadow at retina up to what time?
  • Where G20 digital meeting held?
  • One question from Scheme on bihar water?
  • Population control under which list as per 7th schedule?
  • copper oxide reacts with iron the resultant will be ferrous oxide and …?
  • Land given by Chola Empire?
  • Who was the winner of kabaddi world cup 2016?
  • Mattan Cherry palace in which state?
  • Demand of goods increasing with income level is called?
Topic No of Questions Level
History 4-5 Moderate
Geography 3-4 Easy-Moderate
Polity 4 Easy
Economics 2 Moderate
Science 6-7 Easy-Moderate
Current Affairs 4-5 Moderate
Total 25 Moderate-difficult


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