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1) Which City is Called as Golden City of India?
a) Amristar
b) Mumbai
c) TamilNadu
d) Cochin
e) Pune

2) Which river is called Sorrow of Bengal?
a) Damodar river
b) Kosi river
c) Yamuna River
d) Ganges
e) Tapti

3) Which City is called as Electronic City?
a) Mumbai
b) Bangalore
c) Chennai
d) Pune
e) Hyderabad

4) Nickname of Varanasi
a) Heaven of India
b) Pink City
c) Twin City
d) City of Temples
e) None of these

5) Nickname of Lucknow is
a) City of buildings
b) Venice Of East
c) Old Ganga
d) City of Nawabs
e) City of festivals

6) Which Place is called as Rice Bowls of India?
a) Andhra Pradesh
b) Madya Pradesh
c) Arunachal pradesh
d) Gujarat
e) Chennai

7) Which city is called as Manchester of the North?
a) Kanpur
b) NewDelhi
c) Ahmedabad
d) Jamshedpur
e) None of these

8) Nick Name of Pune
a) Deccan Queen
b) Gateway of Eastern India
c) Queen of the Mountains
d) City of Seven islands
e) None of these

9) Which city is called as City of Festivals
a) Varanasi
b) Madurai
c) Chennai
d) Ramanathapuram
e) None of these

10) Which City is Called as Abode of God?
a) Allahabad
b) Varanasi
c) Bangalore
d) Kashmir
e) Kanpur



1)a) Amristar
2)a) Damodar river
3)b) Bangalore
4)d) City of Temples
5)d) City of Nawabs
6)a) Andhra Pradesh
7)a) Kanpur
8)a) Deccan Queen
9)b) Madurai
10)a) Allahabad



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