Static Awareness Quiz

1) Where does Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport is located?
a) Hyderabad.
b) Jaipur
c) Kolkata.
d) Patna.
e) Chennai.

2) Which is the capital of Romania?
a) Bogota.
b) Bucharest.
c) Pristina.
d) Tirane.
e) Yerevan.

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3) Where does the Headquarters of Food and Agriculture Organization is located?
a) Paris, France.
b) Canberra, Australia.
c) Rome, Italy.
d) New York, USA.
e) Buenos Aires, Argentina.

4) Name the state in which the Pulicat Bird Sanctuary is located?
a) Gujarat.
b) Uttarakhand
c) Himachal Pradesh.
d) Andra Pradesh.
e) Orissa.

5) In which state does the Nambor wild life sanctuary located?
a) West Bengal.
b) Orissa.
c) Assam.
d) Bihar.
e) None of these.

6) Name the capital of Manipur?
a) Raipur.
b) Imphal.
c) Gangtok.
d) Kohima.
e) Dishpur.

7) Which of the following sports, Shiva Thapa is related to?
a) Boxing.
b) High Jump.
c) Badminton.
d) Hockey.
e) Javelin Throw.

8) Which of the following state has lowest population density in India According to the Census 2011?
a) Kerala.
b) Sikkim.
c) Bihar.
d) Arunachal Pradesh.
e) Goa.

9) Where is the headquarters of India Chemical Council?
a) Mumbai.
b) New Delhi.
c) Hyderabad.
d) Kolkata.
e) Lucknow.

10) Who is the Union Minister of Drinking Water and Sanitation in India?
a) Mukthar Abbas Naqvi.
b) Harsh Vardhan.
c) Uma Bharathi.
d) Jual Oram.
e) None of these.



1)c) Kolkata.
2)b) Bucharest.
3)c) Rome, Italy.
4)d) Andra Pradesh.
5)c) Assam.
6)b) Imphal.
7)a) Boxing.
8)d) Arunachal Pradesh.
9)a) Mumbai.
10)c) Uma Bharathi.

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