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In order to aid your exam preparation, we are presenting a ‘Static Awareness Quiz’ that you can score well in this section.

Q1. The Malai Mahadeshwara Wild Life Sanctuary is situated in which state?
A) Kerala
B) West Bengal
C) Tamil Nadu
D) Karnataka

Q2. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is located at___________
A) Gland, Switzerland
B) Jakarta, Indonesia
C) Brussels, Belgium
D) Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Q3. V.O.Chidambaranar Port is situated in which state?
A) Andhra Pradesh
B) Odisha
C) Tamil Nadu
D) Kerala

Q4. The Administrator of Chandigarh is________.
A) D K Joshi
B) V.P. Singh Badnore
C) Praful Patel
D) Kiran Bedi

Q5. The Sikka Thermal Power Station is located in the state of_________
A) Gujarat
B) Haryana
C) Rajasthan
D) Bihar

Q6. Ngultrum is the basic monetary unit of which country?
A) Myanmar
B) South Korea
C) Bhutan
D) Kenya

Q7. Pandoh Dam is located in which state?
A) Assam
B) Himachal Pradesh
C) Jammu & Kashmir
D) Uttarakhand

Q8. Who is the Minister of State in the Ministry of Tourism?
A) Manoj Sinha
B) Raj Kumar Singh
C) Hardeep Singh Puri
D) Prahlad Singh Patel

Q9. Kushok Bakula Rimpochhe Airport is in which state?
A) Himachal Pradesh
B) Assam
C) Jammu & Kashmir
D) Arunachal Pradesh

Q10. Shri Biplab Kumar Deb is the Chief Minister of which North Eastern state?
A) Tripura
B) Mizoram
C) Sikkim
D) Meghalaya



1. D) Karnataka 6. C) Bhutan
2. A) Gland, Switzerland 7. B) Himachal Pradesh
3. C) Tamil Nadu 8. D) Prahlad Singh Patel
4. B) V.P. Singh Badnore 9. C) Jammu & Kashmir
5. A) Gujarat 10. A) Tripura




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