Static Awareness Quiz : Set 13

In order to aid your exam preparation, we are presenting a ‘Static Awareness Quiz’ that you can score well in this section.

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1. Port-au-Prince is capital of which country?
a. Haiti
b. Ireland
c. Hungary
d. Handuras
e. None of these

2. What is the currency of Malta?
a. Dollar
b. Euro
c. Dinar
d. Leu
e. Lira

3. The dance Giddha is related to which state?
a. Punjab
b. Haryana
c. Bihar
d. Assam
e. None of these

4. Alighar Muslim university is located at_______
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Maharashtra
d. West Bengal
e. None of these

5. Where does Orange Warsaw Festival Celebrated?
a. Australia
b. Poland
c. Norway
d. Denmark
e. None of these

6. Bama Belleck Cup is given to which sports?
a. Badminton
b. Tennis
c. Football
d. Kabadi
e. None of these

7. Karnataka Rajyothsava Day was observed on________.
a. November 1
b. November 3
c. November 11
d. November 5
e. None of these

8. Kerala Piravi Day was observed on___________.
a. First Thursday of November
b. First Tuesday of November
c. First Saturday of November
d. First Sunday of November
e. None of these

9. When does Universal children’s day observed?
a. November 21
b. November 11
c. November 20
d. November 10
e. None of these

10. What is the currency of Albania ?
a. Lek
b. Dollar
c. Euro
d. Dinar
e. None of these


1. a. Haiti 6. b. Tennis
2. b. Euro 7. a. November 1
3. a. Punjab 8. b. First Tuesday of November
4. b. Uttar Pradesh 9. c. November 20
5. b. Poland 10. a. Lek


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