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In order to aid your exam preparation, we are presenting a ‘Static Awareness Quiz’ that you can score well in this section.

Q1. Where is the headquarter of NABARD?

A. New Delhi
B. Mumbai
C. Kolkata
D. Ahmedabad
E. None of these

Q2. What is the currency of United Arab Emirates?

A. Dinar
B. Dirham
C. Riyal
D. Taka
E. None of these

Q3. Indira Sagar Dam is located in which river?
A. Krishna
B. Narmada
C. Periyar
D. Ravi
E. None of these
Q4. Silver Revolution was associated with the production of___________
A. Onion production/Pharmaceutical
B. Milk/Dairy production
C. Fruits/Overall Horticulture
D. Egg/Poultry Production
E. None of these
Q5. Pulitzer prize is given in which field?
A. Journalism
B. Mathematics
C. Architecture
D. Science
E. Medecine
Q6. Census Held on 2011 was the_________of independent India?

A. 17th
B. 12th
C. 7th
D. 13th
E. None of these

Q7. Where is the head quarter of Small Industries Development Bank Of India?
A. Pune
B. Hyderabad
C. Lucknow
D. Mumbai
E. None of these
Q8. When did the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) internationally recognize the Day of Vesak?

A. 1993
B. 1992
C. 1979
D. 1989
E. 1999
Q9. When was the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) formed?
A. 1992
B. 1972
C. 1952
D. 1932
E. 1912
Q10. World Athletics Day was celebrated for the first time in _______.
A. 1992
B. 1993
C. 1994
D. 1995
E. 1996


1. B 6. C
2. B 7. C
3. B 8. E
4. D 9. E
5. A 10. E




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