Static Awareness Quiz : Set 35

In order to aid your exam preparation, we are presenting a ‘Static Awareness Quiz’ that you can score well in this section.

Q1. Who launched the first-ever FIR Aapke Dwar Yojana?
A. Maharashtra
B. Andhra Pradesh
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Karanataka

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Q2. Which is the Capital of Rajasthan?
A. Raipur
B. Gandhinagar
C. Jaipur
D. Udaipur

Q3. When was Rajasthan formed?
A. 1949
B. 1953
C. 1958
D. 1963

Q4. What is the state tree of Odisha?
A. Indian Fig tree
B. Red Pine
C. Flowering Dogwood
D. Southern Magnolia

Q5. Who is the Governor of Odisha?
A. Ganeshi Lal
B. Naveen Patnaik
C. Jagdish Mukhi
D. Ramesh Bais

Q6. When was FIFA established?
A. 1885
B. 1890
C. 1904
D. 1920

Q7. When was Odisha formed?
A. 1924
B. 1936
C. 1945
D. 1953

Q8. Which is the capital of Odisha?
A. Puri
B. Rourkela
C. Bhubaneswar
D. Sambalpur

Q9. What is the State flower of Gujarat?
A. Agar
B. Pink-Bell Rhododendron
C. Marigold
D. Jammi Chettu

Q10. Where is the Chilika lake located?
A. West Bengal
B. Himachal Pradesh
C. Kerala
D. Odisha


1. C. Madhya Pradesh6. C. 1904
2. C. Jaipur7. B. 1936
3. A. 19498. C. Bhubaneswar
4. A. Indian Fig tree9. C. Marigold
5. A. Ganeshi Lal10. D. Odisha


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