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1) What was the capital of Latvia?
a) Nairobi.
b) Amman.
c) Beirut.
d) Riga.
e) None of these.

2) What does F stands for in EFTPOS?
a) Fund.
b) Facility.
c) Faculty.
d) Form.
e) None of these.

3) When is World Immunization Day celebrated?
a) November 6
b) November 9
c) November
d) December 12
e) December 14

4) What is the approximate population of India?
a) 1.21 Billion
b) 1.31 Billion
c) 1.25 Billion.
d) 1.28 Billion.
e) None of these.

5) Who is the CM of Bihar?
a) Jairam Thakur.
b) Pema Khandu.
c) Nithish Kumar.
d) Raman Singh.
e) None of these.

6) Which of the following country is going to host ICC T20 World Cup 2020?
a) England.
b) India.
c) Australia.
d) South Africa.
e) None of these.

7) Where is Holkar Cricket Stadium located?
a) Indore.
b) Mumbai.
c) Pune.
d) Kanpur.
e) Kolkata.

8) Name the state in which the Gumti Dam is located?
a) Assam
b) Bihar
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Andhra Pradesh.
e) Tripura.

9) Where is Meenachiamman Temple located?
a) Madurai.
b) Kanchepuram.
c) Kumbakonam.
d) Thanjavur.
e) None of these.

10) In which of the following state Chinnar Wild life sanctuary is located?
a) Karnataka.
b) Kerala.
c) Andhra Pradesh.
d) Bihar.
e) Arunachal Pradesh


1) Answer: D
2) Answer: A
3) Answer: C
4) Answer: A
5) Answer: C
6) Answer: C
7) Answer: A
8) Answer: E
9) Answer: A
10) Answer: B



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