1) Where is the headquarters of Vijaya Bank located?
a) Mumbai.
b) Pune.
c) Thrissur.
d) Bangalore.
e) Kochi.

2) What is the abbreviation of CIBIL?
a) Credit Information Bureau of International Limited
b) Credit Information Bureau of India Limited.
c) Credit Intelligence Bureau of India Limited.
d) Credit Intelligence Bureau of International Limited.
e) None of these.

3) Where does the Headquarters of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development is located?
a) Paris, France.
b) Canberra, Australia.
c) London, Engla
d) New York, USA.
e) Argentina.

4) Name the state in which the Gobind sagar Birds Sanctuary is located?
a) Gujarat.
b) Uttarakhand
c) Himachal Pradesh.
d) Andra Pradesh.
e) Orissa.

5) In which state does the Porbitora wild life sanctuary located?
a) West Bengal.
b) Orissa.
c) Assam.
d) Bihar.
e) None of these.

6) Name the capital of Goa?
a) Vascodagama.
b) Panaji.
c) Gangtok.
d) Kohima.
e) Dishpur.

7) Which of the following sports, Deepa Malik is related to?
a) Wrestling. 
b) High Jump.
c) Badminton.
d) Hockey.
e) Javelin Throw.

8) Which of the following state has lowest sex ratio in India According to the Census 2011?
a) Kerala.
b) Sikkim.
c) Bihar.
d) Haryana.
e) Goa.

9) Where is the headquarters of SIDBI?
a) Mumbai.
b) New Delhi.
c) Hyderabad.
d) Kolkata.
e) Lucknow.

10) Who is the Union Minister of Civil Aviation in India?
a) Mukthar Abbas Naqvi.
b) Harsh Vardhan.
c) Suresh Prabhu.
d) Jual Oram.
e) None of these

1) Answer: D.
2) Answer: B.
3) Answer: A.
4) Answer: C
5) Answer: C.
6) Answer: B
7) Answer: E
8) Answer: D
9) Answer: E
10) Answer: C



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