Summary : Pains and Gains of Academic Writing

Pains and Gains of Academic Writing
Pains and Gains of Academic Writing

Summary: Pains and Gains of Academic Writing

Everyone faces an academic writing task at least once in his life. No matter what the topic and essay type is, most people consider such an assignment as extremely time-consuming and quite complicated. Frankly speaking, the problem is that papermaking requires a lot of knowledge and skills. So, if you do not practice writing essays a lot, it will be much difficult for you to cope with such a task.

Not all people have time to write papers to improve their skills. That’s why they look for other effective ways to become a good writer. One of them is reading a high-quality guide composed of 13 enlightening stories of real experiences written by professional writers from all over the world. Just a few pieces of experts’ advice can change the way you think and write. What is more, real-life experiences with essay writing is what you need. Because the more examples you see, the easier it is for you to understand the main points of academic writing.

What Is the Book About?

In short, Pains and Gains of Academic Writing is, first of all, about difficulties and problems (pains) students face while papermaking in college or university, and secondly, about solutions and opportunities (gains) people can make or seize to handle essay writing. However, these are just the main messages the book is aimed to convey. To be true, the book is so useful that you can not even imagine.

It consists of 13 interesting experiences professional writers have faced in their life. They are written in the form of stories that do not make the book boring or difficult to read. Every story includes the problem and its solution. So, you can choose the aspect of academic writing you need and read only a particular part of the book.

It is the main peculiarity of Pains and Gains of Academic Writing that there is no cold theory of academic writing. The full content of the book consists exclusively of interesting and enlightening real-life examples of how to tackle the problem of academic writing. Of course, there is information about rules and requirements for various essay types. Nevertheless, all of them are described more practically rather than theoretically. They are composed of short guides that will help you to find the necessary information in the book as fast as possible.

In the book, everyone can find something relevant to himself. It may sound somewhat controversial for you and you may wonder “How can such a specialized book be useful for me?” Frankly speaking, this book is only for beginners who can learn how to write different paper types. Pains and Gains of Academic Writing provided a reader with a large number of pieces of advice on how to write high-quality summaries, analyze and structure information quickly but properly, express yourself creatively and interestingly. And it is not a full list of topics the book covers, even not half of the whole content.

Pains and Gains of Academic Writing also tells readers about such aspects of essay writing as to how to write a paper without plagiarism if you are not good at the subject enough; what are the best ways to make your case study and research paper informative and thorough; how to choose an appropriate topic for your essay; why it is possible to write a unique essay even if the topic is very popular and so on. To be true, the number of issues the book covers is so great that it will suffice to learn almost everything about papermaking!

Why Is Buying the Book a Reasonable Idea?

Pains and Gains of Academic Writing is not a simple guide to write a stellar essay. With a lot of confidence, it can be considered as the book for the overall development of any target audience. In true-life stories, everyone can find himself. That’s why the effectiveness of the book is incredible.

First of all, it is easier for a person to perceive information and understand the main message if it is written in the form of stories of real experiences. Secondly, every story is not connected to the previous or next ones. It implies that every story is unique and covers a particular aspect of essay writing.

If you have little time to read books of 100+ pages, this one will be a real find for you. There, all the information is structured well, so it will not be crucial for you to read the full text to find a solution to your problem.

If you find it relevant for you to read Pains and Gains of Academic Writing, visit this site to find more information about the book.

Authors of the Book Who Always Know How to Help You with Essay Writing

Pains and Gains of Academic Writing is a book written by professional essay writers working on CustomWritings, online writing service. It is a reliable legitimate online company concerned with writing high-quality papers of various types, be it a narrative essay, a research paper, a case study, a book review or any other.

There, you can find a lot of useful pieces of advice on how to write a thorough summary, compose informative reports, improve writing skills ASAP, and so on. There are a great number of blog articles the service posts every day. All of them are written by skilled specialists who know exactly how to write high-quality papers even if you are a beginner.

Pains and Gains of Academic Writing is the book CustomWritings has been working on for a long time to create an effective guide in the form of enlightening real-life stories. And they have succeeded! So, don’t miss an opportunity to become a good writer just by reading a few pages of this incredibly informative book!

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