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Directions (1-10): In each group of questions below are three statements followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follow from the three statements disregarding commonly known facts.
Give answer—
(1) If only conclusion I follows.
(2) If only conclusion II follows
(3) If either conclusion I or conclusion II follows.
(4) If neither conclusion I nor conclusion II follows.
(5) If both conclusion I and conclusion II follow.

Statements (1-2):
No coconut is a lemon.
All lemons are onions.
All coconuts are groundnuts.
1. Conclusions:
I. Some groundnuts are not onions.
II. All lemons are groundnuts is a possibility.

2. Conclusions:
I. Some lemons which are groundnuts are also a part of onions
II. No onion is coconut.

Statements (3-4):
Some thousands are millions.
All millions are billions.
All trillions are billions.
3. Conclusions:
I. All thousands are trillions is a possibility.
II. No billion is thousand is a possibility.

4. Conclusions:
I. Some trillions are millions is definitely true.
II. At least some trillions are not thousands.

5. Statements :
All refrigerators are televisions.
All juicers are refrigerators.
No television is radio.
I. Some radios are not juicers.
II. All refrigerators are radios is a possibility.

Statements (6-7):
Some mobiles are calculators.
All calculators are machines.
All equipments are mobiles.
6. Conclusions:
I. No equipment is machine is a possibility.
II. Some machines which are mobiles are also a part of equipments.

7. Conclusions:
I. All equipments are calculators.
II. Some equipments are not calculators.

8. Statements:
a. All pencils are pens.
b. Some pens are syrups.
c. All syrups are needles.
d. Some needles are syringes.
I. Some needles are pens.
II. Some pens are pencils.
III. Some syringes are needles.
IV. Some needles are syrups.
(1) None follows
(2) Only I and II follow
(3) Only I, II and III follow
(4) Only II, III and IV follow
(5) All follow

9. Statements:
a. All dusters are bins.
b. All bins are sepals.
c. No sepal is a root.
d. All roots are flowers.
I. No flower is a bin.
II. No duster is a root.
III. All dusters are sepals.
IV. All flowers are roots.
(1) Only I and II follow
(2) Only III follow
(3) Only I, II and III follow
(4) All follow
(5) None of these

10. Statements:
a. All bulbs are lamps.
b. All lamps are stands.
c. Some stands are pens.
d. Some pens are benches.
I. Some benches are bulbs.
II. Some lamps are benches.
III. Some pens are bulbs.
IV. Some pens are lamps.
(1) None follows
(2) Only I and II follow
(3) Only II and IV follow
(4) Only III and IV follow
(5) Only I, II and IV follow



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