As we all know that now a day’s in All Banking Exams and other competitive exams most of the English Sections were taken from Editorial pages. So it is essential to have a sound knowledge and understanding of English vocabulary. So here we are presenting you Vocabulary from “The Hindu”.

  1. Ravenous (Adj) :- devouring or craving food in great quantities, extremely hungry
    Synonyms: voracious, rapacious, edacious, esurient, gluttonous. 
    Uses: It keeps the ravenous predators of the market at bay.
  2. Ambivalence (Noun):- the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes.
    Synonyms: Equivocation; indecision; uncertainty
    Torn between loving her parents one minute and hating them the next, she was confused by the ambivalence of her feelings.
  3. Vivacious (Adj) :- vigorous and animated.
    Synonyms: animated, lively, vibrant.
    Uses: A vivacious person is lively and spirited.
  4. Acrimonious (Adj.):- Bitter or sharp in language or tone.
    Synonyms: stinging, caustic, bitter, scathing.
    His tendency to utter acrimonious remarks alienated his audience.
  5.  Detrimental (Adj.) :- causing harm or injury
    Synonyms: baleful, deleterious, noxious, pernicious, obnoxious, baneful,hazardous.
    Uses: It noted Pakistani leaders’ fears it could have “substantial detrimental effects” on the economy.
  6. Perseverance (Noun):- The act of persisting or perserving; continuing or repeating behaviour; the quality of being determined to do or achieve something.
    Synonyms:- doggedness; persistence
    Uses: If you have perseverance oneday you will be on the pinnacle of your career trajectory.
  7. Industrious (Adj.) :- characterized by hard work and perseverance.
    Synonyms: assiduous, diligent, laborious, sedulous.
    Uses: If someone comments that you are very industrious, they are complimenting you for working hard and tirelessly.
  8. Reproach (Verb):- Express criticism towards someone.
    Synonyms:- dishonour; opprobrium; disgrace.
    Uses: Narendra Modi rebuked one of his MP for his irresponsible behaviour.
  9. Predicament (N) :- a situation from which extrication is difficult especially an unpleasant or trying one.
    Synonyms: quandary, plight, dilemma, impasse, quagmire.
    Uses: If you’re engaged to get married, but suddenly fall in love with someone else, you have got yourself in quite a predicament.
  10. Peccadillo (Noun):- A small mistake or fault that is not regarded as very bad or serious, minor offence.
    Synonyms:- Indiscretion
    Uses: If we examine these escapades carefully, we will realize that they are mere peccadilloes rather than major crimes.


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