Directions(1-15): Find synonyms of the following

1. remote
a. automatic
b. distant
c. savage
d. mean

2. detest
a. argue
b. hate
c. discover
d. reveal

3. gracious
a. pretty
b. clever
c. pleasant
d. present

4. predict
a. foretell
b. decide
c. prevent
d. discover

5. kin
a. exult
b. twist
c. friend
d. relative

6. pensive
a. oppressed
b. caged
c. thoughtful
d. happy

7. banish
a. exile
b. hate
c. fade
d. clean

8. fraud
a. malcontent
b. argument
c. imposter
d. clown

9. saccharine
a. leave
b. sweet
c. arid
d. quit

10. drag
a. sleepy
b. crush
c. proud
d. pull

11. jovial
a. incredulous
b. merry
c. revolting
d. dizzy

12. indifferent
a. neutral
b. unkind
c. precious
d. mean

13. simulate
a. excite
b. imitate
c. trick
d. apelike

14. charisma
a. ghost
b. force
c. charm
d. courage

15. apportion
a. divide
b. decide
c. cut
d. squabble



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