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1. PANEGYRIC (NOUN): tribute
Synonyms: praise, homage
Antonyms: dishonor, disrespect
Example Sentence: It is traditional to deliver a panegyric to the departed.

2. PANDER (VERB): indulge
Synonyms: please, satisfy
Antonyms: anger, annoy
Example Sentence: The government has pandered to the terrorists for far too long.

3. OBESE (ADJECTIVE): very overweight
Synonyms: corpulent, heavy
Antonyms: skinny, underweight
Example Sentence: My sister was fairly slim as a child, but has had to fight obesity all her adult life.

4. PARRY (VERB): ward off
Synonyms: avoid, dodge
Antonyms: allow, attract
Example Sentence: He parried questions about his involvement in the affair.

5. PATENT (ADJECTIVE): unconcealed
Synonyms: obvious, apparent
Antonyms: concealed, hidden
Example Sentence: This was a patent lie.

6. PEEVISH (ADJECTIVE): easily irritated or annoyed
Synonyms: irritable, crabbed
Antonyms: pleasant, cheerful
Example Sentence: Lack of sleep never made me peevish.

7. PEER (NOUN): person who is another’s equal
Synonyms: companion, compeer
Antonyms: opponent, foe
Example Sentence: His personality made him popular with his peers.

8. PEDANTIC (ADJECTIVE): marked by a narrow focus on
Synonyms: bookish, didactic
Antonyms: plain, simple
Example Sentence: His lecture was pedantic and uninteresting.

9. PECUNIARY (ADJECTIVE): relating to or involving money
Synonyms: monetary, financial
Antonyms: nonfinancial, noncommercial
Example Sentence: She denies obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.

10. PALL (NOUN): melancholy
Synonyms: dismay, gloom
Antonyms: happiness, excitement
Example Sentence: His absence cast a pall over the celebration.



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