Vocabulary of the day

1. DETRIMENT (NOUN): damage
Synonyms: harm, loss
Antonyms: profit, benefit
Example Sentence: Smoking is a detriment to good health.

2. DREARY (ADJECTIVE): cheerless
Synonyms: comfortless, dark
Antonyms: inspiring, pleasant
Example Sentence: I will have to go to another dreary meeting tomorrow.

Synonyms: absurd, odd
Antonyms: graceful, natural
Example Sentence: His grotesque appearance makes him defame.

4. GLIDE (VERB): pass
Synonyms: relapse, go by
Antonyms: stop, freeze
Example Sentence: He players glided across the field easily.

5. GINGERLY (ADVERB): carefully
Synonyms: cautiously, delicately
Antonyms: hesitantly, timidly
Example Sentence: Shashank gingerly moved his injured foot.

6. VARNISH (VERB): add a layer to; embellish
Synonyms: lacquer, cover
Antonyms: uncover, reveal
Example Sentence: The painter varnished the doors.

7. TOUT (VERB): Laud
Synonyms: praise, promote
Antonyms: blame, discourage
Example Sentence: They touted her performance.

Synonyms: warm, unenthusiastic
Antonyms: enthusiastic, keen
Example Sentence: The applause from the audience was tepid.

Synonyms: glimmer, indication
Antonyms: information, lot
Example Sentence: Some people are said to have revealed no vestige of religion.

10. INGRAINED (ADJECTIVE): Deep-rooted
Synonyms: deep-seated, inbred
Antonyms: acquired, learned
Example Sentence: The notion of scarcity is ingrained in them.

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