1. CONCOCT (VERB): formulate, think up
Synonyms: contrive, create
Antonyms: demolish, destroy
Example Sentence: He concocted an idea to start a new business.

2. DILATORY (ADJECTIVE): procrastinating
Synonyms: delaying, laggard
Antonyms: diligent, eager
Example Sentence: He had been dilatory but now he intended to get down to business.

3. GAMBOL (VERB): run or jump about playfully
Synonyms: prank, play
Antonyms: work, study
Example Sentence: The kids gamboled all around the house.

4. IMPEACH (VERB): denounce, censure
Synonyms: accuse, criticize
Antonyms: praise, commend
Example Sentence: He impeached the celebrity in the public for his wrong deeds.

Synonyms: rage, displeasure
Antonyms: delight, cheer
Example Sentence: The boss came out in indignation from a meeting.

6. APPAL (VERB): horrify
Synonyms: alarm, amaze
Antonyms: comfort, encourage
Example Sentence: Yesterday I was appalled by seeing the horror movie.

7. ASTOUND (VERB): amaze
Synonyms: astonish, bewilder
Antonyms: calm, expect
Example Sentence: I was astound at your presence.

8. EXALTED (VERB): praised
Synonyms: elevated, illustrious
Antonyms: criticized, debased
Example Sentence: She exalted the cuisines made by me.

9. ABANDON (VERB): cease to support or look after (someone)
Synonyms: desert, leave
Antonyms: adopt, adapt
Example Sentence: They abandoned their old parents.

10. BOREDOM (NOUN): disinterest
Synonyms: apathy, disgust
Antonyms: concern, energy
Example Sentence: Boredom had settled heavily over his outlook on the operation.



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