Vocabulary of the day

1. NARCISSISM (NOUN): self-love and devotion
Synonyms: egotism, selfishness
Antonyms: humility, modesty
Example Sentence: Narcissism leads to selfishness in character.

Synonyms: astringent, sardonic
Antonyms: courteous, gracious
Example Sentence: By the time Bidden began the final round, the audience was vitriolic, already turned against Mobin.

3. PILFERAGE (NOUN): theft
Synonyms: burglary, misappropriation
Antonyms: veto, disapprove
Example Sentence: The damage and losses by pilferage of certain descriptions of goods are enormous.

4. MYRIAD (ADJECTIVE): infinite
Synonyms: multitudinous, multiple
Antonyms: finite, limited
Example Sentence: There the stars seem to have shrunk away from you, a myriad of miles.

Synonyms: deviate, change
Antonyms: keep, hold
Example Sentence: How do you effectively reposition brands in a global environment?

Synonyms: appropriate, relevant
Antonyms: inapt, inapplicable
Example Sentence: This dress is pretty much apposite for me.

7. JUMBLE (VERB): disturb
Synonyms: disorder, disorganise
Antonyms: Organise, Arrange
Example sentence: Vikas’ life is getting jumbled day by day.

8. AGILITY (NOUN): quickness
Synonyms: swiftness, sprightliness
Antonyms: dullness, sluggishness
Example Sentence: I always find agility in my pet’s movements.

9. RAMPART (NOUN): defensive wall
Synonyms: barricade, fortification
Antonyms: opening, ditch
Example Sentence: They built rampart across the area.

10. QUANDARY (NOUN): dilemma
Synonyms: in a fix, predicament
Antonyms: advantage, good fortune
Example Sentence: Yesterday I saw my student in a quandary.

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