Vocabulary of the day

1. CORNUCOPIA (NOUN): Abundance
Synonyms: affluence, plenty
Antonyms: scarcity, rareness
Example Sentence: There was cornucopia of mango in his garden.

Synonyms: apologetic, remorseful
Antonyms: unrepentant, indifferent
Example sentence: When she started crying over his joke he gave very contrite look.

3. CERTITUDE (NOUN): sureness
Synonyms: confidence, certainty
Antonyms: uncertainty, distrust
Example sentence: I saw some kind of certitude in his voice.

Synonyms: airy, gaseous
Antonyms: indelicate, earthly
Example sentence: I realized that it is a very ethereal cup after holing it in my hands.

5. BAIRN (NOUN): Child
Synonyms: baby, juvenile
Antonyms: adult, grown-up
Example sentence : He is blessed with a sweet bairn last Monday.

6. FLABBERGAST (VERB): surprise
Synonyms: amaze, astonished
Antonyms: bore, calm
Example Sentence: The burglar was flabbergasted when he broke into the house and found himself surrounded by police officers.

7. STAGGER (VERB): walk falteringly
Synonyms: careen, falter
Antonyms: continue, stay
Example Sentence: If my father doesn’t stagger on his decision, I won’t be able to attend the sleepover.

Synonyms: abusive, arrogant
Antonyms: cowardly, modest
Example Sentence: The captain put the insolent soldier on report.

9. POMPOUS (ADJECTIVE): arrogant
Synonyms: boastful, grandiose
Antonyms: humble, kind
Example Sentence: The millionaire was a pompous man who believed he should never wait in line for anything.

10. DECEITFUL (ADJECTIVE): dishonest
Synonyms: artful, deceptive
Antonyms: actual, athentic
Example Sentence: The early difficulties of Elizabeth’s reign secured him a deceitful peace on that side for a time.

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