1. MANGLE (VERB): mutilate, deform
Synonyms: bruise, contort
Antonyms: beautify, help
Example Sentence: His hand was caught in the machine accidently and was totally mangled.

2. CONTAMINATE (VERB): adulterate
Synonyms: corrupt, harm
Antonyms: clean, improve
Example Sentence: The nurse put on gloves so as not to contaminate herself or the patient.

3. SANCTIFY (VERB): hold in highest esteem
Synonyms: glorify, purify
Antonyms: condemn, degrade
Example Sentence: The priests have to sanctify the holy water.

4. HIATUS (NOUN): pause,
Synonyms: interval, break
Antonyms: continuation, juncture
Example Sentence: The professor will take his family on a long vacation during his hiatus.

Synonyms: bucolic, quiet
Antonyms: agitated, angry
Example Sentence: I was very content during the halcyon days of my childhood.

6. RESPONSIVE (ADJECTIVE): quick to react
Synonyms: active, aware
Antonyms: ignorant, impassive
Example Sentence: By the time they entered the building, her arms and legs were responsive again.

7. IMPINGE (VERB): trespass
Synonyms: encroach, intrude
Antonyms: avoid, dodge
Example Sentence: Hopefully the bad weather will move in a different direction and not impinge upon our plans for an outdoor reception.

8. PRY (VERB): interfere in someone else’s business
Synonyms: poke, bug
Antonyms: close, neglect
Example Sentence: I don’t mean to pry, but you seem on edge.

9. RANSACK (VERB): turn inside out in search; ravage
Synonyms: raid, pillage
Antonyms: ignore, offer
Example Sentence: If you don’t have an emergency plan for power outages you’ll have to ransack your home for candles and matches.

10. FERRET (VERB): dig, uncover
Synonyms: beat, break
Antonyms: cover, dirty
Example Sentence: She would face that fear — ferret it out and destroy it.



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