1. MACHINATION (NOUN): maneuver
Synonyms: conspiracy, ploy
Antonyms: frankness, honesty
Example Sentence: Reading about the criminals’ machination to rob the casino was enthralling.

2. MENTOR (NOUN): person who advises
Synonyms: adviser, coach
Antonyms: pupil, student
Example Sentence: Mr. Pratik is a world class mentor.

Synonyms: understandable, obvious
Antonyms: hidden, unclear
Example Sentence: His evil intentions were manifest when he mentioned the question of dowry.

4. FICKLE (ADJECTIVE): changeable
Synonyms: capricious, vacillating
Antonyms: constant, stable
Example Sentence: My brother Faiz is fickle by nature.

5. FORTITUDE (NOUN): bravery
Synonyms: courage, boldness
Antonyms: apathy, cowardice
Example Sentence: My mother faced the problems of life with fortitude.

6. MORTIFIED (VERB): embarrass
Synonyms: annoy, chagrin
Antonyms: aid, delight
Example Sentence: When my uncle does not take his medication, he is likely to mortify my aunt by talking to himself in public.

7. LIMBO (NOUN): state of uncertainty
Synonyms: oblivion, nothingness
Antonyms: certainty, certitude
Example Sentence: She is in the state of limbo weather she will win the competition or not.

8. MUNIFICENT (ADJECTIVE): giving, generous
Synonyms: benevolent, charitable
Antonyms: greedy, selfish
Example Sentence: The wealthy actor always gives the members of his staff munificent appreciation gifts.

9. LOOPY (ADJECTIVE): foolish
Synonyms: absurd, crazy
Antonyms: balanced, logical
Example Sentence: He is a loopy boy.

10. MILITATE (VERB): have importance
Synonyms: mean, weigh Antonyms: disregard, estimate
Example Sentence: This seems occasionally to militate against the clearness of the work.



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