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1. PLEA (NOUN): request
Synonyms: pray, appeal
Antonyms: order, instruct
Example sentence: The teacher’s plea for silence went unheard, resulting in extreme discomfort to the student.

Synonyms: Merry, Exultant
Antonyms: Solemn, Morose
Example sentence : Monica is a jovial fellow.

3. UPHILL (ADJECTIVE): difficult
Synonym: tough, unimaginable
Antonyms: banal, mundane
Example sentence: The article had a glorious description regarding the uphill task done by the cricket team.

4. RIFT (NOUN): division
Synonyms: gap, difference
Antonyms: bridge, joint
Example sentence: The opposition and the government seemed to be focused on removing the rift between the poor and the rich.

5. IMPART (VERB): convey
Synonyms: Bestow, Divulge
Antonyms: Suppress, Withhold
Example sentence: Ever since I was of tender age, I have seen my teachers imparting a great deal of knowledge.

6. DISINTERESTED (ADJECTIVE): free from prejudice
Synonyms: unselfish, neutral
Antonyms: biased, partial
Example Sentence: A great leader renders disinterested services to his society.

7. PILFER (VERB): Steal
Synonyms: filch, purloin
Antonyms: give, offer
Example Sentence: Rahman pilfered enough pieces of wood from the factory to make a chair.

8. ESTRANGEMENT (NOUN): Alienation
Synonyms: disaffection, separation
Antonyms: connection, friendliness
Example Sentence: The growing estrangement between me and my relative is awful.

Synonyms: discordant, loud
Antonyms: low, mild
Example Sentence: The atmosphere was utterly raucous.

10. VIVID (ADJECTIVE): animated
Synonyms: theatrical, dramatic
Antonyms: boring, undramatic
Example Sentence: The movie was very vivid.



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