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1. MORDANT (ADJECTIVE): sarcastic
Synonyms: caustic, sardonic
Antonyms: kind, nice
Example Sentence:
The mordant comedian offended many people with his scathing taunts.

2. ALTERCATION (NOUN): fight, often verbal
Synonyms: brawl, argument
Antonyms: calm, harmony
Example Sentence:
I had an altercation with some people who objected to our creation.

Synonyms: startling, astonishing
Antonyms: unsurprising, usual
Example Sentence:
The results are quite astounding.

4. DEBACLE (NOUN): catastrophe
Synonyms: breakdown, devastation
Antonyms: victory, boon
Example Sentence:
The debacle of Russia was ever before the eyes of these nations.

5. DOPEY (ADJECTIVE): stupid
Synonyms: dumb, silly
Antonyms: intelligent, smart
Example Sentence:
He is a dopey boy

6. CLOUT (NOUN): influence
Synonyms: power, dominance
Antonyms: powerlessness, incompetence
Example Sentence:
Ministers often use their clout to get what they want.

7. PRESTIGE (NOUN): fame
Synonyms: dignity, status
Antonyms: lowliness, insignificance
Example Sentence:
Doctors are usually treated with prestige.

8. BROACH (VERB): open up discussion
Synonyms: bring up, moot
Antonyms: take back, deny
Example Sentence:
The parents of the boy did not even broach the issue of marriage with Renee.

9. DITHER (NOUN): agitation
Synonyms: tizzy, panic
Antonyms: calm, peace
Example Sentence:
He is in such a dither that he don’t know what to do.

10. RENEGADE (ADJECTIVE): rebellious
Synonyms: difficult, resistant
Antonyms: obedient, dutiful
Example Sentence:
The renegade policeman revealed details of the murder



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