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1. FAD (NOUN): fashion
Synonyms: trend, craze
Antonyms: sobriety, simplicity
Example Sentence: I do not believe in fad because I like simplicity.

Synonyms: stupid, silly
Antonyms: sensible, smart
Example Sentence:That is not a fatuous argument, that has to be taken seriously.

3. FERVENT (ADJECTIVE): enthusiastic
Synonyms: ardent, earnest
Antonyms: apathetic, dull
Example Sentence: He was fervent in his gratitude.

4. FIDELITY (NOUN): faith
Synonyms: integrity, devotion
Antonyms: disloyalty, infidelity
Example Sentence: I can believe in fidelity of my wife.

5. FIASCO (NOUN): catastrophe
Synonyms: failure, flop
Antonyms: success, triumph
Example Sentence: Fiasco may be the next step to get success for an optimist.

6. FACADE (NOUN): appearance
Synonyms: pretence, masquerade
Antonyms: reality, truth
Example Sentence: He is not liked because of his bold facade.

7. FACSIMILE (NOUN): duplicate
Synonyms: copy, ditto
Antonyms: original, authentic
Example Sentence: This will be a genuine old copy, not a facsimile.

8. FACET (NOUN): aspect
Synonyms: face, angle
Antonyms: back, behind
Example Sentence: The caste system shapes nearly every facet of Indian life.

Synonyms: humorous, jocular
Antonyms: serious, sober
Example Sentence: Deepak is the most facetious person of our team.

10. FACTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): conflicting
Synonyms: disputatious, argumentative
Antonyms: cooperative, peaceful
Example Sentence: A person, who has factious nature, may ruin not only his life but others’ also.



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