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What are the Scopes after doing JAIIB?

JAIIB exam is about to take place by the end of this year and candidates are gearing up for it. Though there are some candidates who are well aware of the benefits after passing JAIIB, there are some others who are still new to the concept. If you are among these candidates who are not sure how to benefit with the JAIIB results, this article is absolutely for you. The discussion ahead described the scopes that a candidate can have after passing through the JAIIB examination.

What is JAIIB?

The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (IIFB) conducts the exams JAIIB and CAIIB each year. Candidates who pass through these exams gain a prosperous career in life.

JAIIB or Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers is an exam that is conducted by the IIFB. Candidates need to register with the Institute as the members of the IIFB can appear for the exam.

Syllabus and Exam Pattern for JAIIB

Candidates who are appearing for the JAIIB exam need to prepare a set syllabus that has been suggested by IIFB. The syllabus consists of the banking principles, finance and accounting, and banking legal aspects.

The exam is of 2 hours and the exam paper is based on objective type questions. There will be 120 questions and the total score of the question paper will be 100.

The overall exam of JAIIB is to test the banking knowledge and concept of teh individual. The exam also has analysis and case studies that is helpful in testing the aptitude and logical skill of the candidate.

Scopes after Doing JAIIB

After a candidate has appeared for JAIIB or even CAIIB and have passed the exam, there are several benefits that the candidate can enjoy. There are both monetary as well as non-monetary scopes in front of the candidate after JAIIB or CAIIB. Here are some of the benefits to know about.

Monetary and Direct Scopes for the Candidates

  • Candidates who are in the clerk grade can enjoy 1 increment after passing the JAIIB exam and 2 increment after CAIIB.
  • In the official grade, the candidates can enjoy 1 increment after passing JAIIB or CAIIB.
  • Apart from the increments, candidates passing out the JAIIB exam also are entitled to promotions depending upon their performance.
  • Candidates who have passed in the exams can also get posting in different departments such as forex, corporate loans, treasury, and others.

Apart from the noticeable scopes that the candidates have, there are also other benefits of doing JAIIB.

Other Benefits of JAIIB

  • Candidates who have appeared for JAIIB and have passed the exam get well-versed with the basic accountancy, financial services, banking, legal aspects, and many others.
  • Candidates who have passed the JAIIB exam can only appear for the CAIIB exam after which they can have even better aspects of career growth.

Altogether JAIIB can offer a huge scope for candidates who wish to make a career in the banking and financial services.

Is Passing JAIIB Difficult?

Candidates who wish to appear for the JAIIB training and the exam can do so conveniently by visiting the official portal of IIFB. They just have to get registered with IIFB as a member and then they can apply for the JAIIB as well as CAIIB.

Many candidates consider that JAIIB is not as easy as getting registered with it. One of the main reasons is that candidates who appear for the exam are working professionals. So, getting full time for studying gets quite difficult. But IIFB is quite helpful in offering the candidates with the name of the books through which the candidates can prepare for the exam.

Also, a few days before the exam, the online portal releases a few of the model test papers that the candidates can download for practice basis.

So, it is only that the candidates need to schedule a proper routine so that they can study well and pass in the exam.

How to Pass in JAIIB to gain better scope in career?

If you are desperately willing to have a better scope in your financial career, one of the best ways is to appear and pass the exam of JAIIB. Though many candidates may consider it to be a difficult exam, there are various ways that can help you in cracking through the exam in a much convenient way. Here are some of them that you can follow.

Follow the Prescribed Books:

The most important and efficient way is to follow the books prescribed by the IIFB. Note down the JAIIB Books carefully from the online portal and order it online instantly for your studies. If you cover up all the topics carefully from these books, you can surely crack through the exam in a much efficient way.

Make Schedule for your Studies:

If you are a working professional, it is important that you make a routine for your studies. See how much time do you get after your office hours. Divide this time among the subjects that you have and prepare the routine of the whole week accordingly. Try to cover all the subjects per week. Studying a few chapters from every subject each week will help you in complete the syllabus on time.

Practice is a Must:

Apart from completing your syllabus, it is also important to practice. This will be helpful in completing your exam on time. There are question banks provided behind each chapter in the book prescribed by IIFB. Practice these questions. Also, you can get model test papers to practice regularly. IIFB also releases test papers a few days before the exam that you can practice.

Revise Well:

While you are studying or practicing, mark two things very carefully. One of the topics that are important and also the topics that you forgot in the practice session. It is important to revise these topics thoroughly during the last few days before the exam.

Most importantly, do not over-stress yourself. Relax your mind 2-3 days before your exam so that you can appear in the exam with fresh mind.

JAIIB exam is definitely one of the options that can offer you a great career growth in finance sector.  Prepare for it in the right way and you will surely crack through the exam and will enjoy the lucrative increments or promotions in your department.



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