What’s important to you in your preparations for competitive examinations ?

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Test, Analyse and Learn

What’s important to you in your preparations for competitive examinations? What knowledge have you acquired through all these months since you have been preparing for these competitive examinations? You need to empower yourself, be a real eager beaver and fling yourself into your preparations to make a go of it. While testing oneself, it’s no doubt that one may come across a few weaknesses when he/she might become his/her own biggest critic. By engaging in the process of thinking about and assessing their own progress, they act on the evidence of their own learning and take responsibility for overcoming their weaknesses. 
So students, discover where you stand and how much more you need to improve, because, in this fight for government jobs, it’s like, shape up or ship out and you are the one who has to decide if you want to withstand the competition or quit. Assessment is an important part of the learning process of every aspirant to make the grades in a competitive examination. The TAi Cycle highlights the three core strategies that should be the essential part of one’s preparations to be successful. The three core strategies involve
1. Testing oneself,
2. Analysing what you are good at and where you lack, and
3. Improving on your weaknesses and flaws.


Self-assessment describes the process in which each aspirant evaluates his/her own progress or performance. Testing or assessing yourself with mocks helps you ace the competitive examinations that you appear for. They help you identify what your strength is and where you lack. That way, in the original examination, you will choose to attempt the very section first that you are very good, or say fast at. GovernmentAdda test series encompass a range of questions that match the level of frequently asked questions, previous year questions, and new pattern questions for every Competitive Examination. They simulate the real tests and let you know you how to attempt the questions in a way that you are able to attempt the maximum number of questions within the stipulated time. It also gives you an All India Rank so as you can assess where you stand. Changed pattern of the examination has been acting as a bombshell that is blowing everyone’s mind this year. So, if you practice with the mocks that are based on the new pattern examination, you wouldn’t be a bundle of nerves while attempting the new pattern examination.


After attempting the test series, you are cognizant of your progress with the topics that you are doing and your speed with which you attempt every different section. Practicing with mock papers is very important as it helps in familiarizing the aspirants with the pattern of the exam. They help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as well. It helps them ascertain how much time they spend on an average in solving one particular question and avoid situations where the bottom falls out of all their strategies when they get stuck pondering over a single low-scoring question for too long and thereby overlooking other high-scoring questions. As the online assessment gives you an All India Rank, you can evaluate where you actually stand among the thousands of students who are preparing for the same examination. If you want to improve your rank, by online tests, you will get to know how much more you need to work on it.


After you have analyzed your strengths and weaknesses, try to make a good use of your strengths and start working on the topics you are weak at. If you’re not equipped with the necessary exam-taking skills, you won’t get the grades you’re hoping for. Testing yourself gives an idea of how challenging the exam is going to be. You now know which particular section is the most time-consuming and will try to work on your speed. And students, the important point here to be noted is that being aware of your strengths and weaknesses is not enough until you haven’t taken actions to improve your skills to tackle the examination. The pattern of examination is changing and with every new examination, we get to see a different pattern of examination. So, what you need to do is that you need to improve and prepare yourself for a level that is a few steps ahead of the level of the previous examination. And that is what Test Series prepare you for. 
So, testing yourself, assessing your progress and improving on your faults is a must if you really want to bring the house down. TAI actually plays a very important role in your preparations. It can be your breakaway strategy and your true path to your very own authentic success or the lack thereof.




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