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1. The sheet of record which contains all monetary transaction between an country and the rest of the world is called _______
A. Balane of trade
B. Balance of Payment
C. Balance sheet
D. Export-Import Data

2. The ination led by rising food prices caused by increased demand for agricultural commodities is called –
A. Hyperination
B. Stagation
C. Agation
D. Deation

3. A money market instrument used most often in India, that represents an obligation between a borrower and lender, which can be traded in the secondary market is
called as
A.promissory notes
B. Debentures
D. certicate of deposite

4. What does ‘L’ stands for in term CBLO?
A. Liquidilty
B. Lending
C. Lower
D. Licence

5. Which commitee has been set up to examine the un-claimed amount in PPF, post oce
and saving schemes?
A. H devaraj Committee
B. H R Khan Committee
C. GopalKrishna Committee
D. k V Kamath Panel

6. Financial services at aordable costs to the sections of disadvantaged and low-income group of society is called as
A.Financial Inclusion
B. Fiancial Stability
C. Deation
D. Good trade

7. Retail banking sector is not not characterized by which of the following?
A. Multiple products
B. Multiple Channels of distribution
C. Multiple Brands
D. Mutiple consumer groups

8. Which of the following type of budgeting being used in India?
A. Balanced Budget
B. Zero base Budget
C. Receipts Budget
D. All of the above

9. Find the correct match of nance organization and their headquarters?
A. ADB-Manila
B. RBI-New Delhi
C. IMF- NewYork
D. IDA- Geneva

10. Currency chest, which have stocks of notes and coins are authorized branches of
B. Scheduled bank
D. Foreign Bank with Indian branch



1)B. Balance of Payment
2)C. Agflation
4)Lending (Collateralized Borrowing & Lending Obligation)
5)B. H R Khan Committee
6)A. Financial Inclusion
7)C. Multiple Brands
8)D. All of the above
9)A. ADB-Manila
10)B. Scheduled bank



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