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1. (d)

2. (a) Eighth to the right of sixteenth from the left end (16 + 8 =) 24th from the left end, ie D.

3. (c)  I@K, E$P

4. (b) V8%, D2₤

5. (d)

6. (a)  Fifteenth letter from the left end is H.
And ninth letter from right end is A.
So, there are 6 letters between A and H.

7. (b)  New arrangement
J K V M B D L V H Y B C M T H B J F R B T B F M D G S V C J. Hence are three V’s in the new arrangement.

8. (c)  Sixth to the right of the nineteenth from the left end is (19 + 6) = 25 the from the left end, ie D.

9. (d)  New arrangement:
J K M B D L H Y C M T H J R B T M D G S C. Thus, fourteenth from the right end is Y.

10. (b) AJE, UCI