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1. If a bank ties up with a retail vendor and then both of them sponsor a credit card, then
such card would be known as_____
a. Retail Credit Card
b. Vendor card
c. Co – Branded Card
d. Cash Back Card

2. In terms of Banking Terminology, Anity Card refers to ______
a. The Credit Cards that are linked to special organizations
b. The Credit Cards with zero interest rate on repayments
c. The Credit Cards exclusively for the Bank’s employees
d. All above the above

3. From which country, the concept of Credit Card originated?
a. UK
b. USA
c. France
d. Australia

4. The business entity that is authorized to accept cards for the payment of goods and
services is called?
a. Issuer
b. Acquirer
c. Merchant
d. Authorised Issuer

5. The international standard which denes the shape and size of the I-Cards is ______
a. ISO/IEC 5200
b. ISO/IEC 9910
c. ISO/IEC 14000
d. ISO/IEC 7810

6. Which is the rst credit card facility to be recognised worldwide?
a. Visa Card
b. Maestro Card
c. Master Card
d. Diner Card

7. With reference to the prepaid credit cards, which among the following is / are correct
1. credit facility is oered
for the purchaser of the card
2. no interest charged from the purchaser of the card
3. no purchasing fee and monthly fees charged before an arbitrary time period Select the
correct option from the codes given below:
a. Only 1 & 2
b. Only 2 & 3
c. Only 1 & 3
d. 1 & 2 & 3

8. What does the cirrus logo on ATM / debit cards signies__?
a. have cash access facility anywhere in India only
b. have cash access facility outside the India only
c. have cash access facility in or outside the India
d. have cash access facility in and outside the India

9. The Secured credit cards are generally available to the person with _____:
a. Strong credit history
b. Poor Credit History
c. High Net worth Income
d. Government Job

10. What is the time period during which no interest is charged on a credit card?
a. Grace period
b. Term period
c.Loan period
d. Sanction Period

1)c. Co- Branded Card
2)a. The Credit Cards that are linked to special organizations
3)b. USA
4)c. Merchant
5)d. ISO/IEC 7810
6)a. Visa Card
7)b. Only 2 & 3
8)d. have cash access facility in and outside India
9)b. Poor Credit History
10)a. Grace period



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