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1. Who decides Bank rate?
A. Government

2. These are the reserves that are held by Commercial Banks over and above the statutory
minimum with the central bank.
A. Excess reserves
B. Cash reserves
C. Deposit reserves
D. Momentary reserves

3. Who sponsors Regional Rural Banks?
A. Government of India
B. Reserve Bank of India
C. Nationalised Commercial Bank
D. None of these

4. India’s rst bi-metallic coins issued in the year 2009 were denominated in ____.
A. Rs. 1
B. Rs. 50
C. Rs. 5
D. Rs. 10

5. Because of the existence of _________ India is called a mixed economy.
A. Private Sector
B. Corporate Sector
C. Public Sector
D. Both A & C

6. RRBs are working in all states of the country except _______.
A. Sikkim
B. Goa
C. Andhra Pradesh
D. Both A & B

7. It is the amount outstanding in the borrowal account in books of the bank other than the
one which has been recorded and not debited to the borrowal account.
A. Net NPAs
B. Gross NPAs
C. Both A & B
D. None of these

8. Non-Performing Asset is an advance where the a/c remains overdue for a period of more
than ______ in the case of respect of an Overdraft/Cash Credit.
A. 180 Days
B. 90 Days
C. 60 Days
D. 6 Months

9. It is a number which basically represents the value in rupees per fund units as on a
particular date of the assets of the fund less liabilities and outstanding expanses.
C. MFs
D. None of these

10. The banks joins together to meet the working capital requirements of the borrowing
concerns and it is called as
A. Consortium nance
C. Credit Syndication
D. None of these

1)B. RBI
2)A. Excess reserves
3)C. Nationalised Commercial Bank
4)D. Rs. 10
5)D. Both A & C
6)D. Both A & B
7)B. Gross NPAs
8)B. 90 Days
9)B. NAV
10)A. Consortium finance



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