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1. What is the meaning of Lock period in Term deposit?
A. Customer cannot open another account
B. Nominee name need not be written
C. Pre-maturity is not possible
D. Locker must be opened by the customer in the branch

2. It is the market which expects the prices of shares rise in the market.
A. Fundamental market
B. Bull market
C. Bear Market
D. Depressed market

3. Which of the following is false about Carbon Credit?
A. Tradable certicate
B. Right of an Industry to emit certain quantity of Carbon Dioxide
C. Carbon Credits mechanism was formalized in Kyoto Protocol
D. None

4. MTSS stands for
A. Money Transfer Scheme for Service
B. Medium Transfer Service Strategy
C. Minimum Transfer Service Scheme
D. Money Transfer Service Scheme

5. The rst RRB named Prathama Grameen Bank was started by ______.
A. Punjab National Bank
B. State Bank of India
C. Syndicate Bank
D. Canara Bank

6. SWIFT stands for
A. Secure Window for Interbank Financial Transactions
B. Society Window In case of Financial Transaction
C. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
D. Secure Window Institute For Transactions

7. Fiat money is dened as
A. Currency supported by Government Guarantee
B. Currency supported by tangible assets
C. Currency supported by gold reserves
D. Currency supported by budgetary support

8. Which among the following countries commenced rst plastic notes?
A. China
B. America
C. Canada
D. Australia

9. The movement that encouraged the foundation of commercial banks was ________.
A. Swadeshi movement
B. Quit India Movement
C. Non Cooperation Movement
D. Swadhar Movement

10. The special drawing right granted by the International Monetary Fund to its member
countries is _______________.
A. Cold money
B. Hot money
C. Soft money
D. Paper gold

1)C. Pre-maturity is not possible
2)B. Bull market
3)D. None
4)D. Money Transfer Service Scheme
5)C. Syndicate Bank
6)C. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication
7)A. Currency supported by Government Guarantee
8)D. Australia
9)A. Swadeshi movement
10)D. Paper gold



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