Solution for the quiz

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Q1. Option E

From both I and II, we find that Rahul is (35 – 25) = 10 years older than his brother, who was born in 1964. So, Rahul was born in 1954.

Q2. Option C

From I, we conclude that weight of each pole = (4×5) kg = 20 kg. So, total weight of 10 poles = (20 x 10) kg = 200 kg. From II, we conclude that:Weight of each pole = (weight of 3 poles) – (weight of 2 poles) = 20 kg.So, total weight of 10 pojes = (20 x 10) kg = 200 kg.

Q3. Option D

From I, we conclude that H is the only daughter of M. But this does not indicate that M has no son. The information given in II is immaterial.

Q4. Option E

From I, total sale of product A = Rs. (8000 x 25) = Rs. 200000.From II, we know that the company deals only in product A.This implies that sale of product A is the total sale of the company, which is Rs. 200000.

Q5. Option C

From I, we conclude that 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th of March, 2006 were Sundays.So, the last Sunday fell on 26th.From II, we conclude that 31st March, 2006 was Friday. Thus, 26th March, 2006 was the last Sunday of the month.

Q6. Option D

The only word common to I and II is ‘clear’ and as such, only the code for ‘clear’ can be ascertained from the given information.

Q7. Option E

From II, Q being in the middle, there are 10 children to his right as well as to his left. So, Q is 11th from the left. From I, P is 15th from the left.Thus, from both I and II, we conclude that there are 3 children between P and Q.

Q8. Option E

From I, we know that L is T’s brother and J’s husband. Since L is the only son of his parents, T is L’s sister. From II, we know that K is L’s daughter. Thus, from I and II, we conclude that T is the sister of K’s father i.e. T is K’s aunt.

Q9. Option B

From II, we know that P’s mother is married to J’s husband, which means that J is P’s mother.

Q10. Option C

From I, we conclude that Y is the child of D who is wife of X i.e. X is Y’s father.From II, X is married to Y’s father. This implies that X is Y’s mother.