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1) Where is M. A. Chidambaram International Cricket Stadium located?
a) Navi Mumbai
b) Chennai
c) Pune
d) Kanpur
e) Bangalore.

2) In which of the following state the Barna Dam is located?
a) Assam
b) Bihar
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Karnataka
e) Orissa.

3) What is the term ‘B’ denotes in ASBA?
a) Banking. 
b) Blocking.
c) Bank.
d) Blocked.
e) Backend

4) In which of the following state Dibang wild life sanctuary is located?
a) Karnataka
b) Kerala.
c) Andhra Pradesh.
d) Bihar
e) Arunachal Pradesh.

5) In which of the following state Sandi Bird Sanctuary is located?
a) Uttar Pradesh.
b) Goa.
c) Orissa.
d) Bihar.
e) None of these.

6) In which River basin the city Madurai is located?
a) Narmada.
b) Tapti.
c) Sabarmati.
d) Vaigai.
e) None of these.

7) Where is the headquarter of IDBI Bank is located?
a) Chennai
b) Mumbai
c) Hyderabad
d) New Delhi.
e) Kolkotta.

8) In which of the following state Sariska National Park is located?
a) Rajasthan
b) Meghalaya
c) Andhra Pradesh
d) Tamilnadu
e) None of these.

9) Where is the Shirdi Airport is located?
a) Mumbai.
b) Puri.
c) Shirdi.
d) Pune.
e) Kakadi.

10) Bardo Chham is the traditional dance of which of the following state?
a) Assam.
b) Arunachal Pradesh.
c) Chhattisgarh.
d) Orissa.
e) West Bengal.


1) Answer: B
2) Answer: C
3) Answer: D
4) Answer: E
5) Answer: A
6) Answer: D
7) Answer: B
8) Answer: A
9) Answer: E
10) Answer: B



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