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1. The functions of the lead bank are performed by:
a. SBI
b. RBI
c. Any bank
d. A bank designed for this purpose

2. Central Co-operative banks work at:
a. District level
b. National level
c. Block level
d. State level

3. The largest public sector commercial bank of India is the ____
a. SBI
b. RBI
c. Bank of india
d. Union bank of india

4. PAN card issued by the income tax department cannot be used for which of the following
a. Proof of identity
b. Proof of a registered tax payer
c. Proof of address
d. Proof of date of birth

5. Which one of the following statements is correct regarding increase in the CRR in India?
a. It increases credit creation
b. It reduces credit creation
c. It does not aect credit
d. It denoted liberal monetary policy

6. Which among the following sectors contributes most to the saving in India?
a. Banking and nancialsector
b. Private corporate sector
c. Export sector
d. Household sector

7. The EXIM bank of India was established in ____
a. 1964
b. 1970
c. 1982
d. 1984

8. The term plastic money applies to____
a. Bank draft made of plastic coated paper
b. Currency notes impregnated with plastic thread
c. Currency notes printed on plastic coated paper
d. Credit cards mainly issued by the banks

9. Which bank became the rst bank to open its branch in china ?
a. IDBI bank
b. SBI
d. PNB

10. Government of India, for the rst time nationalized 14 large commercial banks in the
a. 1956
b. 1969
c. 1959
d. 1972

1)d.A bank designed for this purpose
2)a. District level
3)a. SBI
4)b. Proof of a registered tax payer
5)b. It reduces credit creation
6)d. Household sector
7)c. 1982
8)d. Credit cards mainly issued by the banks
9)b. SBI
10)b. 1969



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