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1) Which of the following became first stock exchange in the country to launch commodity derivative contracts?
a) NSC
b) BSE
d) Tokyo stock exchange
e) None of these

2) In which country India releases commemorative stamps to mark Gandhi Jayanti?
a) China
b) South Africa
c) Netherlands
d) Indonesia
e) None of these

3) Which state became first state give legal protection to good Samaritans who help accidents victims?
a) Kerala
b) Tamilna
c) Orissa
d) Maharashtra
e) Karnataka

4) What is the India’s GDP growth, according to UNCTAD?
a) 7.0
b) 7.1
c) 7.2
d) 7.6
e) 7.5

5) Who was appointed as new Director-General of Railway Protection Force (RPF)?
a) Arun Kumar
b) Mohd Mushtaque Ahmad
c) Adam Mosseri
d) Sanya Richards-Ross
e) Mile Jedinak

6) Who won 2018 UNHCR Nansen Refugee Award?
a) Asif Mishra
b) Evan Atar Adaha
c) Mohamed Irfan
d) Karim Abdul Jaffar
e) Hussain Khan

7) Where did Sustainable mountain development summit 2018 going to held?
a) Mumbai
b) Kolkata
c) New Delhi
d) Noida
e) Shimla

8) What is the rank of India in world terms of largest pictorial warning on cigarette packs?
a) 6
b) 15
c) 12
d) 5
e) 7

9) Which countries participated in IBSAMAR a joint Multi-National Maritime Exercise is being held at Simons Town, South Africa?
a) India
b) Brazil
c) South Africa
d) Both a and b
e) All of the above

10) Who will be captain of Asian Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy 2018?
a) Sardar Singh
b) Sreejesh
c) Manpreet Singh
d) Yuvaraj
e) None of these



1)b) BSE
2)c) Netherlands
3)c) Netherlands
4)a) 7.0
5)a) Arun Kumar
6)b) Evan Atar Adaha
7)e) Shimla
8)d) 5
9)e) All of the above
10)c) Manpreet Singh



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